Critical Praise for Performer/Writer Yehuda Hyman

“Jewish mysticism, myth, magic and a strong dose of rib-tickling humor are the magical ingredients of THE MAD DANCERS...with playwright Yehuda Hyman as its brilliant star....Hyman’s genius runs the gamut from making the Rebbe a time traveler in search of his successor (who turns out to be a nerdy computer word processor from modern-day San Francisco), to creating lively dances full of spiritual energy. ..a wildly entertaining piece of theater.”
— SAN DIEGO JEWISH PRESS HERITAGE, "THE MAD DANCERS" Review by Eileen M. Sondak (April 6, 2001)
“Time, culture and centuries of religious philosophy are compressed, massaged and remolded in Yehuda Hyman’s “The Mad Dancers.” ...Don’t know much about cabala, Hasidism and the 10 emanations of God? You’ll get a healthy dose by the end of this funny, illuminating and resonant play. The material may be Jewish esoterica, but it is handled with a light touch and the application is universal. Hyman’s time-bending script is a modern-day fairy tale, and as in a skillfully told children’s story, there are mysterious stranger, evildoers, plot twists, a surprise ending—and wisdom to take out the door with you.”
— The Washington Post, "THE MAD DANCERS" Reviewed by Sarah Kaufman (May 6, 2003)
“Hyman reveals himself as an artist who knows exactly where he stands in the wide spectrum of contemporary performance. ...finely crafted and well-acted characters with movement scores of intelligence and wit. He’s aware of fundamental connections between body and mind in the creation of character, and he is quite skilled in his uses of both.”
— Bay City Times, "Max and Rapunzel and the Night" Reviewed by Rachel Kaplan (May, 1991)
“Yehuda Hyman’s far-ranging and magically alchemical drama successfully melds historical overview, cabalistic musings and an intensely personal story of one woman’s spiritual reawakening....Hyman’s glorious denouement ..ties up all loose ends splendidly.”
— Los Angeles Times, "Center of the Star" Reviewed by F. Kathleen Foley (February 13, 2004 Critic’s Choice